In a five hour operation, a couple in their 50's were assisted off a treacherous area of steep ground overlooking Bay Lough in the Knockmealdowns Mountains this evening (June 15th).

Mountain Rescue spotters, who were able to make visual contact with the two experienced hill walkers, guided rescuers in by radio to the location in very dense rhododendron forest.

To avoid a risky and arduous trek back up the slopes of Knockshanahullion, Cahir River Rescue responded to help complete the last leg of the journey, transporting the two along with Mountain Rescue personnel across Bay Lough to safety.

According to Team Leader, Ray Bradfield, the two walkers were experienced and well equipped but were trying to make their way through terrain which is no longer navigable due to the proliferation of rhododendron in that area.

"A combined response from An Garda Siochana, Cahir River Search and Rescue, and Mountain Rescue was required due to the challenging nature of the terrain in this incident and all services played their part in ensuring a successful outcome."

South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association is a 24/7 voluntary emergency service.


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